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My Intention

My intention is to do my best no matter what. This intention exists at the very core of my being. It is the motivation behind my attitude, my thoughts, my way of living, and my actions. Doing my best, however, does not exempt me from failure, loss, adversity, or from pain. Rather, it prompts me to positive action - self-love, self-care, self-motivation, and self-esteem. I have noticed that whenever I choose to live this truth, it is easier to rise above the challenges that come my way. There is no room for self-pity and self-doubt because I choose to see the opportunities for growth and development. I lose life's teachable moments if I choose to wallow in misery and defeat. I, therefore, have no other option but to live, learn, and grow. And I am ever so grateful.

On the morning of May 16, 2022, I woke up and got out of bed just like any other day, pulled back the blackout curtains, and opened the blinds. The sunlight sparkled through the nearby trees, piercing into my bedroom window. Playful birds chirped merrily along as their melodious rhapsodies rippled through the stillness of the morning air. The simple majesty of it all overwhelmed my spirit. As I breathed it all in, I was warmly enveloped by a heightened sense of peace, stillness, and clarity - unable to free myself from nature's embrace until it chose to let me go. As the magic quietly began to fade away, I began to think about what was ahead for me that day at work. In what seemed like a second later, I heard myself saying, "I can't do this anymore." This was not a complaint, nor was it a murmur. It was an agreement with myself - an intention.

I knew this feeling all to well. And I knew that it was the harbinger of what had preceded all my actions in the past to move on. What I did not anticipate this time around, however, was that the decision had already been made for me. Within a few hours, I was abruptly terminated from work - unemployed. It felt as if the universe had conspired with my very words that morning, stripping me of my power, silencing my voice. But somehow, I was not distraught, neither was I angry. But in that moment, I suddenly grasped the enormity of the lesson - there IS power in words that are spoken with intention (good and/or bad). As I sat in my couch at home some moments later, I suddenly realized why I was gifted with that experience earlier that morning. That was a tender reminder that I would always be alright, no matter what. Sometimes, things are not always caused by us. They can be inflicted upon us. But what remains in our power is the choice to be the very best version of ourselves in spite of it all.

So it is my intention to be the very best. I am unapologetically rooting for myself - pursuing my goals even if I'm the only one left in my cheerleading squad. I am relentlessly caring for my mind, body, and soul even when it feels as if there is no one around to support me. I hasten to free myself of judgment, guilt and shame for what others have done to me, to live authentically as a productive and giving person. In other words, I am taking action even if there is no visible or tangible reward. To be the best version of myself is to be the happiest version of myself - just for me. Whatever the situation or whatever the circumstance, this is my intention. And I'll be just fine.

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