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Life Has A Way....

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Sometimes life has a way to give you just what you need when you least expect it. People walk in and out of your life - like a revolving door. You do too. Friendships and relationships magically bloom like flowers at springtime and many times they might just meet their end like the falling autumn leaves. Friendships, may oftentimes, redefine themselves as we grow or outgrow each other. Like the natural ebb and flow of the ocean's powerful tide, the cyclical waning and waxing of the majestic moon, or like the instinctive changing of the mystical seasons, the most beautiful of things is offered to us as a simple yet sumptuous treat. Curiously, the most precious gifts that life could ever grace us with, may come to us in unpretentious, nondescript packages that often belie the rich treasures that await us if we are simply brave and open enough to receive them. Unfortunately, however, the one thing you've always needed might be the very thing that was once present but forever gone. But newness often springs forth like the sun at the break of dawn, rejuvenating the soul, refreshing the mind - giving you just what you need right in the nick of time.

Life, simply, has a way to make you wise.

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